With over two decades of legal practice, Marc Greco has experience in a broad range of litigation, including personal injury, product liability, pharmaceutical and defective implant litigation.

Marc graduated from the University of Virginia in 1989 with a B.A. in economics. After graduating from college, Marc returned to his birthplace, New Orleans, Louisiana, where he worked in commercial banking operations and taught high school before enrolling in law school. He attended the Paul M. Hebert Law Center at Louisiana State University as a Law Fellow. Marc began his legal practice in Lafayette, Louisiana, where he litigated maritime personal injury and municipal liability cases.

Marc joined Glasser and Glasser, P.L.C. in 1997, and has represented retired shipyard workers, railroad workers, and service members with asbestos disease. He has brought successful suits for young children with life-altering injuries from defective products and living conditions. He has litigated a variety of personal injury lawsuits, from auto accidents to defective drug cases.

In 2011, Marc filed in the Supreme Court of the United States a Brief for Amicus Curiae National Association of Retired and Veteran Railway Employees in Support of Petitioners, on behalf of thousands of retired railroad workers injured by exposure to asbestos-containing products on locomotives.