Since the 1990’s, Glasser and Glasser has represented individuals who have been injured or died as a result of defective medical devices or prescription drugs. Our experience in handling defective medical device and prescription drug cases has shown that pharmaceutical companies often rush their products and drugs to the market without adequate research or testing to insure the safety of these products. In some instances, these companies have recklessly sold these products to individuals who believed these products were safe. Glasser and Glasser fights to hold the pharmaceutical companies that put profit before safety accountable for the damages their products have caused.

If you have been injured or your family has suffered a loss due to a defective medical device or a prescription drug, please contact us for a free consultation. If necessary, we will promptly come to you to evaluate your potential claim. Although our Firm has attorneys authorized to practice law in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and Washington, D.C., we have co-counsel relationships with other fine law firms in virtually every state to assist us with your case.

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