Mesothelioma is a rare, but devastating, form of cancer that can affect people who have had exposure to asbestos products. Occupational and/or household exposure to asbestos can also cause various other forms of cancer as well as asbestosis, a scarring of lung tissue that can progressively worsen long after exposure ends.

Many asbestos companies have long been aware of the debilitating and deadly dangers of exposure to asbestos, but these companies chose their profits over the health and safety of their workers and customers and, for many decades, failed to warn of the hazardous effects that can result from exposure to asbestos.

Glasser and Glasser has represented thousands of asbestos workers and their families across the country who were exposed to asbestos while working aboard ships, in shipyards, railroads, steel mills, paper mills and even in their homes. Glasser and Glasser has resolved thousands of asbestos injury and wrongful death claims and remains one of the premier law firms nationwide in the area of asbestos litigation.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma or would like more information about this deadly disease, please call us at 1-800-874-5890 for a free consultation.

Who do you turn to when the Doctor says, “It’s Mesothelioma.” We desperately needed a legal representative who was knowledgeable, experienced and caring. From the first meeting Wayne felt confident that Glasser & Glasser would guide us through the ensuing lawsuit so his family would be provided for. Several months ago I lost my husband to this terrible, preventable disease. Richard Glasser and his team continue to monitor my well-being as my attorney and friend. Because of the Glasser firm my children and myself have the financial independence Wayne fought so valiantly for. A.M.V.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank your firm for providing such great service for over 17 years thus far to me and my family. In particular, I want to focus on one employee, Laura, who I have known since she and a co-worker, came to our family's home in 2001 to visit my father. The kindness and patience shown to him at the time, gave him a feeling of "trust" to have Glasser and Glasser handle his case for Mesothelioma. You also handle the case for my mother, who got asbestosis from washing my father's clothes. Over the years, I have had to call concerning different situations in our family. Laura always answered my call with "It's good to hear from you. or "How can I be of help to you, today?" I never got the feeling that she was too busy to talk to me or take my call. At times it was necessary to leave a message on her voicemail but my calls were "always" quickly returned. In a world where employee turnover is the norm, it is so nice to be able to call and talk to someone that I have known for many years. For this reason and more, I continue to recommend Glasser and Glasser to my friends. Please be sure to express my gratitude to Laura for always providing such compassionate service to me. D.F.W.

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