Charles “Gus” Euripides has practiced law in North Carolina and Virginia for over 30 years. He is a charter member of the North Carolina Creditors Bar Association and has worked with members of the U.S. Congress and North Carolina Legislature to draft legislation relative to creditors’ rights issues, and to further monitor such legislation as it progresses towards passage.

As a litigation attorney and manager with Glasser and Glasser, P.L.C., Gus is responsible for managing all facets of the firm’s North Carolina operations, including management of all commercial and consumer collections and business transactions. Gus is further responsible for advising national banking associations, state credit unions and other lenders on creditors’ rights issues and business transactions, including matters pertaining to compliance with state and federal law.

Gus has spoken to numerous conferences and groups throughout the country on a variety of topics including the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act and North Carolina state law.