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Accidents with Large Trucks and Tractor-Trailer Rigs.

The attorneys at Glasser and Glasser know all too well about the devastation that can be caused from motor vehicle collisions involving large commercial trucks and massive tractor-trailers. We have successfully represented many individuals and families who suffered significant personal injuries as well as the loss of loved ones resulting from such collisions. In these cases, you can bet the large trucking companies and insurance carriers will be on the accident scene quickly after it occurs. That’s why it’s so very important that victims of these collisions have someone fighting for them, knowledgeable about the trucking industry and complicated federal and state laws regulating this industry. These cases are not your average motor vehicle accident. They call for counsel with a specialized expertise in handling such matters, expertise you’ll find at Glasser and Glasser. Call or write us to speak with a skilled attorney who will immediately begin to protect your rights and secure evidence critical to the successful handling of your claim.

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